Nourish Your Brain for Enhanced Performance

Boost Your Brain Power

The brain is the command center of our body—and our health. A healthy, happy brain benefits virtually every area of the body. That’s why it’s so important the brain receives the nutrition it needs. MicroLife Neuro provides just that. Featuring our proprietary liposomal delivery technology for advanced bioavailability, Neuro delivers clinically proven, brain-boosting nutrients that your body requires for clarity, memory, and cognitive function. Whether it’s a complex task, a demanding work assignment, or an important social gathering, Neuro gives you the brainpower you need.



delivery technology

Superior absorption using our naturally structured, non-GMO liposomes & micronutrient encapsulation technology

The Liposome Advantage:

The problem with most traditional nutritional supplements is that their ingredients are combined with fillers, binders, and other additives, making them difficult to be recognized and absorbed by the body. They’re also likely degraded by digestive fluids and enzymes in the digestive tract. The result? Only a small portion of nutrients reaches their intended cellular target. For consumers like you, this means money down the drain and frustration that the product is often not providing the results you’re looking for.

Vasayo’s proprietary Advanced Delivery Technology, on the other hand, effectively eliminates these obstacles to provide superior absorption using our naturally structured, non-GMO liposomes and micronutrient encapsulation technology.

Liposomes are double-layered “bubbles” or spheres comprised of lipids (fats) that surround and protect the nutrient. They pass through the digestive tract largely unobstructed and are easily absorbed into the bloodstream, where they quickly reach the cells that need them. The result is a dramatically higher rate of nutrient absorption and utilization by the body’s cells.

Liposome layers form a “bubble” around the key nutrients, allowing the nutrient to bypass the destructive aspects of the digestive system and arrive intact directly to the cells for a much higher rate of absorption.

Features & Benefits:

Superior Bioavailability with Advanced (Liposomal) Delivery: Our proprietary liposomal-encapsulation technology ensures vastly improved nutrient delivery and absorption within the body over traditional supplements.
Elevate Cognitive Function: Neuro’s expertly formulated blend supports the brain’s overall function for improved memory, clarity, focus, and overall cognition.
Beat Brain Fog: Nutrients like ginkgo and bacopa promote focus, alertness, and concentration.
Balance Mood: Research shows that a well-fed brain and nervous system encourages balanced mood and emotional health. Neuro provides the nutritional foundation for improved nervous system function.
Boost Energy: Mental fatigue is one of today’s top health complaints. Neuro’s clinically proven ingredients help energize the brain and minimize mental fatigue.
Optimize Stress Response: The brain is the body’s top mechanism for battling stress. Neuro provides wide-ranging support for enhanced stress response and nervous system performance.

Key Ingredients:

Citicoline: A proven nutrient that reinforces levels of important neurotransmitters to help control mood, mental energy, and minimize cravings.
Bacopa: Used for generations in traditional Ayurvedic medicinal blends, bacopa is a powerful antioxidant and adaptogen source that promotes memory and brain function.
Ginkgo Biloba: A proven botanical used for millennium for a variety of health promoting purposes, including free radical destruction, healthy blood flow support, and mental function.
Vinpocetine: An alkaloid extract of the Vinca plant, vinpocetine supports brain blood flow for superior nutrient delivery.
Huperzine A: This extract protects acetylcholine, a primary neuro transmitter that enhances learning, cognition, and overall mental function.