As a Distributor, You Will Enjoy Incredible Rewards!

The Vasayo Rewards Program offers one of the most lucrative ever in the direct sales industry with real customer focus and real pay out for everyone!

Vasayo has a powerful, Binary compensation structure.

Vasayo Rewards Plan – Customer Sales Bonus

  • Enrolling Brand Partner will be paid 20% of their Customers’ volume weekly
  • Enrolling Brand Partner will receive a $40 bonus if they have between 4 to 7 Active Customers or $80 if they have 8 or more Active Customers (paid on a 4 week cycle)
  • 50% of all Customer Volume is rolled upline

Vasayo Rewards Plan – Team Commission Bonus

  • Paid to Brand Partners at Qualified Brand Partner or above
  • Paid in cycles of 240 CV/480 CV and at a rate of $25 per cycle
  • Up to 1,100 cycles/$27,500 per week (see Cycles in the Terms & Definitions)

Additional Earning Opportunities

  • Earn 15-30% of each product package your brand partners purchase when they enroll with Vasayo.
  • Sponsor two brand partners, one on the left and one on the right. Help them to each sponsor two brand partners also. When you do this, you’ll get $200. You can do this an infinite amount of times.
  • Leadership Bonus Pool
  • Product Introduction Bonus (PIB)
  • Rank Advancement Bonus
  • 2.5% Exec. Check Match– 7 Generations Deep

Best of all, there is NO Forced Monthly Auto-ship–the monthly required amount of 80 CV to stay active can be fulfilled through your order and/or by your customers orders. Vasayo calls their auto-ship program “Loyalty Convenience Program” or LCP. ​

Click HERE to download the current Compensation Plan in PDF.