Dallin and Karree Larsen, founders of Mona Vie, have announced a new company. While Mona Vie went from $0 to nearly $1 billion in annual revenue in less than five years, a steep growth trajectory unlike many other direct sale companies, Dallin and Karree Larsen chose to walk away from the enterprise due to changes in the company culture and disagreements with shareholders.

The break from Mona Vie allowed them to spend time with their fathers, both of whom passed away last summer and gave them the ability to explore life while recharging themselves for their next challenge. Now, two years after leaving Mona Vie, they have a new vision they would like to share with the world.

Both Dallin and Karree firmly believe that everyone has been given gifts and that they should work to help others lead more prosperous lives. Since 1989, Dallin Larsen has started many companies that led to billions in earnings. Even though they anticipated Mona Vie would be their last stop in the business world, it became apparent that was not the case.

Three Guiding Principles

To be truer to themselves in their own lives, they chose to move forward. The intent is to create a company focused on good, providing blessings to all the business touches. With that, three guiding tenants were identified for the venture. First, there is every intention of leading this company until their last breath; they have no intention of every selling the company and will maintain at least a 50 percent ownership to preserve their vision of the companies direction.

Second, the company is driven by the philosophy that a distributor can never make too much income. Dallin Larsen’s extensive background in the distribution field has given him an in-depth understanding of the demands of the work as well as maintaining a company, and he intends to use that knowledge to help others grow their business. The interests of distributors will be given priority in all decisions with the aim of distributors feeling that this is their last business as well.

Finally, they maintain that their priorities will always be God first, family second, and business third. While they are giving their whole hearts to the business, they feel that priorities are important. The goal is to attract like-minded individuals to share the journey.

Feelings of Gratitude

Dallin expresses their gratitude to Mona Vie for the experiences it allowed, as well as the support it provided to those associated with the company. While it is difficult to articulate to anyone who wasn’t there, they have nothing but positive feelings to take away.

For those interested in joining the new journey, it is important to consider where you are currently. If you feel at home with your work and are earning a steady income, then it may be wise to stay where you are. They have no intention of bringing over successful people from Mona Vie, as they don’t believe that their previous company has to be burned down in favor of the new one.

Planning the New Company

Over the next several months, the foundation of the new venture will be built. The goal is to associate with leaders in transitions who have created large organizations previously. Proven leadership skills are also valued, as well as collective wisdom. People need to be team-oriented, trustworthy, and interested in pursuing work with significance.

While the details of the overall structure are in the works, Dallin Larsen asserts the intention to create a disruptive entry into the marketplace with new product lines in development. Along the way, leaders will present themselves and reap the benefits of the compensation structure.

If you have the background, desire, and see yourself as a leader, then you can go to DallinLarsen.com/Leader to express interest in the company. Over the next few months, messages will be released reviewing information including the business name and corporate structure.

The prelaunch phase is a great time to create your successful foundation. Spread the word to those around you. It’s about to get really exciting, as the energy percolates beneath the surface.

While this message does not answer all of your questions, it serves as a starting point to reintroduce themselves as Dallin and Karree announce that they are back.